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Thursday, June 23, 2016

NASDAQ Volume Leaders Charts: Technical Analysis

Technical Charts and Commentary on Yesterday’s 10 Largest Share Volume Traders on the NASDAQ.

COMMENT: We provide, on a rotating daily basis, our technical charts and opinions on the previous day’s ten largest volume leaders on the TSX, the NASDAQ, and the NYSE. All charts are based on End-Of-Day data, and do not take after-hours market activity into consideration.

For Wednesday, June 22, the NASDAQ stocks, and excluding ETFs, with the largest share volume trading numbers, with a stock price of at least $2.00, are as follows:

Symbol Company Name Last Change Volume
SIRI Sirius XM $3.96 Down 0.03 (0.63%) 49,253,119
AMD Advanced Micro Devices $5.02 Down 0.43 (7.89%) 47,943,335
AAPL Apple Inc. $95.55 Down 0.36 (0.38%) 29,219,122
MSFT Microsoft $50.99 Down 0.20 (0.39%) 28,816,848
MU Micron Technology $12.72 Down 0.03 (0.24%) 26,968,150
SCTY SolarCity $21.88 Up 0.69 (3.26%) 26,388,030
TSLA Tesla Motors, Inc. $196.66 Down 22.95 (10.45%) 23,742,414
FTR Frontier Communications $5.09 Down 0.13 (2.40%) 22,433,732
INTC Intel $32.29 Down 0.03 (0.09%) 18,304,758
CSCO Cisco Systems $28.72 Down 0.05 (0.17%) 18,273,261

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(NOTE: All of our charts are color-coded: Buy is Blue; Sell is Red.)

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