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Stop by each morning before the market opens and look over our shoulder as we take a technical look at the previous days Top 10 Volume Leaders. We rotate our focus each morning, moving from the NASDAQ to the NYSE and then the Volume Leaders on the TSX.


Stephen Whiteside of www.theuptrend.com and Bob Weir of www.eresearch.ca have joined forces to present FM CHARTS, a technical look at the stocks of those companies mentioned in CNBC’s Fast Money (http://www.cnbc.com/id/15838499).


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eResearch Corporation

eResearch was established in 2000 as Canada’s first equity issuer-sponsored research organization, and is engaged solely in the provision of equity research to the investment community. Its various research packages allow corporate management to choose the form of research coverage that best meets their company’s needs.

Investors benefit by having written research on a variety of under-covered companies. The research and analysis is of institutional quality, and has the potential to reach millions of global investors through an extensive electronic distribution network.

eResearch provides published research and analysis to its Subscribers on its website (www.eresearch.ca), and to the general investing public through its distribution network and through newswire agencies. eResearch does not manage money or trade with the general public, provides full disclosure of all fee arrangements, and adheres to the strict application of its Best Practices Guidelines.

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